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On the Menu: Char Sue Garlic Chicken

This dish is a play on the Garlic Chicken you’ve probably had at every Chinese banquet you’ve been to.  It’s often called “House Special Chicken with Garlic”.  Sometimes it’s called “Garlic Fried Chicken”.  I’m talking about this dish: 蒜香鸡.  I love the garlic flavor and traditionally, this dish is served as a whole chicken with the skin crisped up by deep frying.

In my rendition, I wanted the meat to always be juicy and bursting with flavor so we only use thigh meat marinated in garlic, soy and Chinese celery.  The thighs are then cooked to exact temperature using our fancy restaurant kitchen equipment.  The meat is finished on the grill to crisp the skin and give it a bit of char.  Hence, our “Char Sue” Garlic Chicken!

edOn the Menu: Char Sue Garlic Chicken