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On the Menu: Chinese Five Spiced Short Ribs

The short ribs are seasoned with five spice, seared and then braised for hours along with daikon, onions, chilies and garlic.  I used to work on a similar dish in my days at Nobuo at Teeterhouse back in Arizona.  At Nobuo, we used oxtails in a fine dining experience.  I wanted to make a rustic dish that could be served over rice, is easy to go and fast to serve.  Short ribs are used because like oxtails, they come out soft and tender when braised for hours.  The advantage of the short ribs is that they are easier to debone, have a higher yield and most importantly, are more affordable!  This dish would also go great on noodles or in a mantou bun.


edOn the Menu: Chinese Five Spiced Short Ribs