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On the Menu: Japanese Curry Lamb Necks

Even though many Asian cultures have their own style of curry and I have a lot of experience working with them, the Japanese curry stands out as one of my favorites.  I’ve always wanted to make a Japanese curry.

One day as I was visiting my butcher, we struck up a conversation about the different cuts of lamb.  I was thinking lamb would make a great protein for my Japanese curry dish, but I wanted to use something new.  I didn’t want to use lamb legs because they would be too dry, not to mention it’s not what you would call affordable.  My butcher then recommended lamb necks.  It’s a cut that isn’t used very often, in fact it’s not even sold in many places.  However, he was more than happy to sell them to me.  I got the feeling he was happy to get rid of them!  I figured the fat to meat ratio in the lamb necks would keep them moist and tender.  The lamb necks in this dish are marinated in Japanese curry and then braised for hours until tender.  The meat falls off the bone and goes great with rice, noodles or a mantou bun.

About the photo, the lamb necks are laid on top of fried noodles, but we felt that it wasn’t as great for soaking the sauce!  So the fried noodles as a carb are not available as menu option, but never say never!

edOn the Menu: Japanese Curry Lamb Necks

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