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On the Menu: Thai Green Curry Tubers

I learned this Thai green curry sauce years ago and it’s something I’ve been tweaking ever since.   It’s just a really great sauce that you can use on anything, but I thought it would be particularly great on tubers, or root vegetables.  The root vegetables used in this photo are potatoes, turnips, sweet potato and carrots.  The tubers are first roasted and then tossed in the green curry sauce.

The green curry sauce is made fresh from scratch and it’s complexity stems from the numerous ingredients required.  Aside from fresh ground green curry, it also has a blend of spices, chilies, lemongrass, galangal, coriander, ginger, scallions, cilantro, cumin and coconut milk.  This is definitely one of my favorite recipes.

One thing about the photo, the tubers are laid on top of the sauce so you can see them!  When we serve this dish, it will all be tossed together.

edOn the Menu: Thai Green Curry Tubers