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On the Menu: Green Papaya Slaw with Crispy Shrimp

Green papaya salad is a classic dish found throughout Southeast Asia.  It’s a great salad that I enjoy very much, so I put a couple twists to it.  The green papaya is julienned and tossed with cilantro, scallions, sweet Japanese tofu and red curry dressing and then topped with fresh red chilies.  The sweet tofu balances out salty and sour flavors of the red curry dressing.  The red curry dressing is house made with fish sauce, red curry, lime and spices.  The crispy fried shrimp makes a great protein with this salad and the crunch adds another layer of texture.  I use baby shrimps, which have a thinner skin and get really nice and crispy when you fry them.  Eat the shrimp whole, no shelling required!

edOn the Menu: Green Papaya Slaw with Crispy Shrimp