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On the Menu: Charred Eggplant

Nasu Nibitashi, or Japanese braised eggplant, is a classic dish that I really enjoy.  In the classic version, it’s boiled in dashi and served cold or at room temp with a soy dressing.   I love eggplant in general so I wanted to add my own personal twist.  First, I stuck with the Japanese eggplants, which have a thinner skin and soft meat.  The eggplants are confit in olive oil with herbs and garlic until tender.  Then they are finished on the grill to add some smoky char before being dressed with a similar soy dressing as you would find in classic Nasu Nibitashi.  Finally, it’s topped with bonito flakes to add some flavors from the sea.  Unlike the classic, my version is served hot.

edOn the Menu: Charred Eggplant