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On the Menu: Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have gotten a bad rap.  Generally, it’s one of those nightmare dishes that every kid runs away from.  The problem with brussels sprouts is that they are usually overcooked.  There’s nothing worse than an overcooked brussels sprouts, with its soggy texture and bitter almost ammonia like taste that shoots up your nose, yuck!  However, when brussels sprouts are made just right, they are delicious, crunchy and flavorful.  I want to restore the reputation of the brussels sprout, as well treat a western vegetable with Asian flair.  In this dish, I fry them until crispy.  I then toss them with with house made Nuoc Man, a vietnamese dipping sauce that’s sweet, sour and salty at the same time.  Finally, it’s topped with peanuts and fresh chilies.  The crisp from frying gives it a really nice touch.

edOn the Menu: Crispy Brussels Sprouts