Chef Matty's Mind

Shaoxing Mustard Greens

This dish was inspired by the garlic sauteed snow pea shoots (Dou Miao) found in authentic Chinese restaurants.  I especially like the light garlicky vegetable sauce you end up with at the bottom of the plate.  I wanted to use a different vegetable that offers more punch and spicy tones, therefore I picked mustard greens.  The mustard greens are sauteed with shallots in chicken stock, lemon, butter and Shaoxing wine.  Finally the vegetables are topped with soft, spreadable confit garlic.  The garlic you find in Chinese sauteed vegetables is usually hard and tossed aside.  I wanted the garlic to play an active role in the experience.  Spread the soft garlic around before every bite!

edShaoxing Mustard Greens