Sake Tasting + Food Pairing – A 5-course Special Dinner

On July 25, 2017, Join us for our first ever Sake Tasting + Food Pairing event! Chef Matt Rojas will be preparing a special 5-course dinner of dishes designed specifically to pair with our Sake menu. Also on hand will be Sake Specialist Ryan Mellinger from Joto Sake, who will be your guide and captain on this Sake adventure. This intimate, exclusive event will only have two seatings of eight at 7PM and 8:30PM. Book your tickets now!

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House Specialties

served with fresh herbs, frisée and pickles choice of: egg noodles or rice
poached egg +2 

Hot Plates

ideal for sharing with family, friends and lovers

Mantou Sandwiches

house specialties served on a soft bun with mint, basil, cilantro, lettuce, mayo and chilies


Cold Plates

  • Green Papaya Salad 10

    red curry, tofu skin, salt & pepper shrimp

  • Daikon Salad 8

    anchovies, shiso, scallions, soy dressing

  • Shrimp Summer Roll 10

    avocado, chinese celery, cilantro, carrot, ume vinaigrette


  • Rice 2

  • Egg Noodles 2

  • Mantou Bun 2


  • Ice Cream 4

    choice of basil or vanilla

  • Pandan Almond Seed Pudding 6

    strawberry rhubarb preserve

  • Vanilla 'Cappuccino' 8

    ice cream, vietnamese coffee, milk foam, chocolate coffee crumble


  • Soda 2

    coke, diet coke, club soda, ginger ale

  • Strawberry Sparkling Water 4

  • Hot Coffee & Tea 2

  • Iced Tea 3

    hoji cha

  • Iced Vietnamese Coffee 4

    with condensed milk

Note: Always a work in progress!